Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do we meet before we cuddle?

A. Yes, we will meet for a few minutes to ensure both parties are comfortable with the arrangement and understand and will abide by our policies and to ensure any questions are answered. 

Q: What should I wear for my appointments?

A. We recommend that you wear something that you feel comfortable in such as sweats and a t-shirt. The Cuddlers will typically wear leggings and a t-shirt or a onesie.

Q: Can I talk during my session?

A. This is 100% up to you and we highly recommend it.

Q: What can I expect from a cuddle session?

A. During a cuddle session we can sit, lie, or do something in between. This is your time to receive the love and attention that you deserve. We may hold hands and chat sitting close on a couch, lie in bed and cuddle big spoon/little spoon style, or maybe you sit/lie down and I gently caress your arms/back while I lay near you. There are a thousand variations of this, but all require that we make you comfortable, relaxed, and feeling the sort of love a mother gives to her child. This is in no way sexual, but is intended to give you the feeling that you are not alone, and that the world is a good place. We all need to feel the warmth and closeness of another to feel whole, and I am here to help you achieve that in whatever way makes us both feel comfortable. You will receive the sort of touch needed to help bring you the comfort that will encourage you to feel your best in each session.

Q: What about “natural reactions?”

A. This will happen from time to time. When these things come about we just change positions so that it does not become a focus of the session. The cuddlers make a great “big spoon.”

Q: Are tips accepted?

A. Yes, tips are greatly appreciated and the normal 20-25% for services is customary.


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